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Video: Big Game Hunting Alaska

Discovery Questions:
Where are some of the most famous hunting reserves in the World?
What animals are considered big game?
Who were some famous explorers (or people) who also hunted?
What are the major types of hunting?
What is involved in getting a hunting license?
What are some famous milestones in the history of the sport?
What are some common types of accidents experienced by hunters?
What are some the climate conditions experiences by hunters?
What gear is commonly taken while hiking?
From what materials are the gear made?
From what chemical compounds are these materials made?
What schools are available to teach the sport?
What records are held in the sport and by whom?
What are some personality characteristics of hunters?
What is the function of hunting and the family?
What should be the minimum age limit for hunting?
What slang or idiom is used in the sport?
Why is hunting declining in our society?
Why is hunting important to many societies?
Are video games, laser tag and paintball substitutes for hunting?
What is the effect of hunting on the ecosystem?
What effects does hunting have on the environments in which it is practiced?

Big Game:
White-tailed deer, Mule Deer, Moose, Elk, Caribou, Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Lions, Tigers, Rhinos

Major Reserves:

Technology Issues:
Bows and Arrow Construction, Rifles, Traps, Blinds, Binoculars, Transport Vehicles, Hunting Knives, Ancient Hunting Practices, Taxidermy

Environmental Issues:
Grassland and Forest Biomes, Defensive and Offensive Strategies of Predators, Conservation, Illegal Trade

Health Concerns:
Gunshot wounds



Hunting, A Sport on the Decline (about 40 minutes)
National Public Radio – February 2, 2006