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This wiki is a resources site for students taking Mr. Cooper's Outdoor Culture and Technology course. The class covers the outdoors and the technologies that are used to explore our world. Here, students learn about the satellites that make up our global positional system (GPS ), handheld devices, and various mapping technologies that are used by outdoor enthusiasts. A survey of extreme sports, geographic hotspots, traditional cultures, expedition psychology, team dynamics and advances in wilderness medicine, are addressed as they pertain to various milestones in expedition history and the development of climbing, hiking, hunting, kayaking, racing, sailing, and surfing technologies. Feel free to join our space and use the information in your classes. If you use any of this information, please give the appropriate attribution. These topics are a great way to create an interdisciplinary, multicultural course that will help stimulate interest in the environment, modern technology, medicine and psychology.

We are currently creating a series of podcasts on expeditions around the globe. If you are a member of the Explorers Club in New York or have gone on like trips and would like to participate in our podcast series and classroom speaker series on Elluminate , short loans please contact the course instructor: Thomas Cooper at coopert@thewalkerschool.org

New Expedition layer in Google Earth Pro created by students. Students read various books on historical expeditions and programmed them into Google Earth. Each expedition addresses one or more key issues: supply problems, leadership skills , group dynamics, cultural interactions , gender differences, or environmental exploitation.

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