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Video: Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Video: BMX Bike Racing

Discovery Questions:
What are the major types of racing?
Where are some of the most famous races around the World?
What are some famous milestones in the history of racing?
What records are held in the sport and by whom?
What are some common types of accidents experienced by racers?
What are some the climate conditions (extremes) experienced by racers?
What gear is commonly used during a race?
From what materials are the gear made?
From what chemical compounds are these materials made?
What schools are available to teach the sport?
What are some personality characteristics of racers?
What are the key components of the racing culture (e.g. artifcats, institutions, belief systems, etc.)
What idiom is used by racers?
What effects does racing have on the environments in which they are conducted?

Types of Racing:
  • Adventure Racing
  • Avalanche Racing
  • Dog Sled Racing
  • Mountain Bike Racing
  • Motorcross
  • Ultra-Running

Major Races: