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Video: Vendee Globe

Discovery Questions:
What types of sailing (or boat racing) are there today?
How are sailing (or racing boats) classified?
What are the world's major sailing races?
What awards are given in the sport?
What are some of the milestones (e.g. people, records, events) in the sports?
Where are the largest ocean currents in the world?
What physical forces are involved in maintaining large ocean currents?
What types of plants and animals can be found on in these currents?
What are some common weather conditions experienced by sailors?
What gear is commonly taken while competing in this trans-oceanic sport?
From what composite materials are the gear made?
From what chemical compounds are these materials made?
What are some common maneuvers in the sport?
What schools are available to teach the sport?
What are some personality characteristics of trans-oceanic sailors?
What are some of the injuries (and accidents) that can occur during these long voyages?
What myths are associated with the sport?
What is the role of fear in learning the sport?
What slang or idiom used in the sport?
What effects does sailing as a sport have on the ocean?

Major Races:

Environmental Issues:
Bathemetry, Icebergs, Marine Organism (whales, dolphins, flying fish, albatross), Oceans (name, currents - Labrador, swells, gyres, tides), Ocean Pollution, Wave Structures (crest, trough), Weather Systems (air streams, atmospheric cells, barometric pressure, cloud base, depressions, doldurms, gales, temperatures, prevailing winds, hurricanes)

Technology Issues:
barometers, boat maintenance materials, Satcom C and Mobiq Marine satellite telephones, computers, generators, Inmarsat-E (EPIRB), breathable waterproofs and thermal clothing, foam core materials, stainless steel fabrications, sailcloth and sail hardware, surveying, boat design and construction, instrumentation, carbon materials, electrical components, keel structure and fabrication, hydraulic steering pumps and cylinders, deck paints and varnishes, freezedried foods, waterproof handheld VHF radios, computer weather and routing software, watches, LCD Radar, photography, boat building equipment and chandlery, structural engineering and materials, steering gear, wind generators, hydraulic oil, Teflon, resins, Kevlar

Medical Concerns:
dehydration, drowning, seasickness, blisters, sunburn, hypothermia, chilblains, depression, frostbite, fatigue, sleep deprivation, rashes, sores
deep cuts, broken bones



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